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OnlineAcademyUK is a trading name of Tercet House Limited, a small, innovative, digital publishing company based in England.


We publish ebooks and online courses and our portfolio is constantly expanding.


The world moves fast and as new sectors and industries emerge, new skills are required. We work hard to identify those skills and build the courses that you need for tomorrow: today.

We work closely and creatively with our content providers to deliver the best possible learning and value from our courses.


We are proud of how we work and what we do.


If you're a content provider with ideas for exciting and innovative online courses we'd love to hear from you. Our track record, technical knowledge and enthusiasm may be the spark that your great content idea needs.

Ethics, innovation and responsiveness are important to us. It's how we work as a team and how we operate as a company. We work with experts in their fields to produce the best: so that you get the best.


We are continually developing the range of courses that we offer to suit both industry specific and emerging theme needs.

AVAILABLE NOW: First Aid Awareness (with child specific first aid section)

AVAILABLE NOW: First Aid Awareness (with road traffic crash injuries and treatment section)

AVAILABLE NOW: Disability Awareness Skills (see Courses page)

There are two versions of the First Aid Awareness course, both help candidates to develop essential basic first aid knowledge and awareness.


Both courses have two sections covering the key elements of first aid: the role of a first aider and first aid treatment and care. There is then a third section which is specific to a particular issue.


Our First Aid Awareness course (www.firstaidawareness.co.uk) includes a section on child specific first aid, making it particularly suitable for staff working in schools, early years centres and nurseries and those businesses which attract children as customers or visitors, such as play centres, creches, cafes and tourist attractions.


Our other First Aid Awareness course (www.firstaidawareness.co.uk/RTC/) is aimed at road users and includes a section which will help you to deal with the types of injuries most likely to be encountered or associated with road traffic crashes.


The courses have been designed and written by an experienced Registered General Nurse who is also a training consultant and holds a degree in Management & Training and a Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Sector.


Her knowledge and expertise in the planning, facilitation and design of training courses will allow students to gain the maximum benefit from these important but easy to learn First Aid Awareness courses.


Both courses are suitable for everyone who needs a sound knowledge of essential first aid skills and techniques.


The courses do not replace ‘delivered in person’ First Aid at Work and Emergency First Aid courses, but provides the essential knowledge and reassurance that will allow candidates to carry out life saving first aid.


Both courses are competitively priced at just £24.95 and bulk discounts may be available.





Food Hygiene Plus
Fire Safety Skills

Our course is designed and kept up to date by CIEH (Chartered Institute of Environmental Health) trainers and covers all the necessary legislative requirements.


The course is suitable for anyone involved in food handling or involved in the teaching of food safety in schools.


The course takes two to three hours to complete and has multiple choice progress tests along the way to test understanding.


Once the final multiple choice test is successfully completed the student is awarded the Level II Food Hygiene Certificate, enabling them to display their competence and knowledge.


The course does not have to be completed in one sitting so students can dip in and out as time dictates.


Purchase of the course allows online access for up to 12 months, providing a useful source of reference and refresher training.


The course costs just £20 per student (this includes the certification fee) and there is a 20% discount available for multiple students from the same organisation making the cost just £16 per course!


We accept payment via any major credit or debit card or alternatively we can invoice you.



This award in Fire Safety allows candidates to develop essential basic fire safety awareness.


The course has been designed and written by an experienced training consultant and Company Director who holds a degree in Management & Training and a Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Sector.


Her knowledge and expertise in the planning, facilitation and design of training courses will allow you to gain the maximum benefit from this important but easy to learn Fire Safety Awareness course.


The course is suitable for employers or employees who need a good knowledge of fire safety in the workplace and who may take on a designated workplace fire safety responsibility.


Completion of the course will provide the knowledge that will allow candidates to carry out their duties relating to fire safety and emergency procedures.



Health and Safety in the Workplace Level 2

Certificated and cost effective, this Level 2 Health and Safety in the Workplace course will assist, guide and support candidates in developing essential workplace safety knowledge.


The course is suitable for all employers and employees who need health and safety in the workplace knowledge and certification in order to meet their statutory and safety responsibilities.


After successfully completing the course, which follows the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) syllabus, the student will have gained an understanding of:


Health and safety law, preventing work related ill heath, the principles of accident prevention, the risks associated with poor welfare, the hazards and risks associated with the workplace and workplace equipment, the importance of risk assessment, the risks associated with manual handling, the nature and risks of hazardous substances, how workplace equipment and task design can affect health and safety, the hazards and risks associated with working at heights, the hazards and risks associated with working with vehicles and the potential and short term risks of exposure to noise and vibration. 


The course is competitively priced at just £24.95 and bulk discounts may be available.



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